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Love Tarot Readings by The Best Tarot Reader | Romance Blog Pg. 4

Welcome back to a very juicy romance novel presented by the best tarot reader on YouTube and in the world, The Hot Nerd! Below is Page 4 of the love story--and there are 272 pages in total.

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And now for Page 4 of this juicy love and relationships reading:

“I will ask that you kindly put down your bosoms,” Dr. John suggested calmly, as I crossed my legs on his couch.

He lifted himself up from the armchair he’d been sitting on while facing me, and walked instead to sit at his office desk.

Professional Avoidance of Patient’s Tits.

Good Anti-Sexual Harassment Lawsuit move.

I applauded him in my head and eyed his name plate.

“DR. DANIEL JOHN, Dept. of Psychiatry,” the nameplate said.

I panicked.

I gasped: why had I never noticed that he had TWO first names?

Everything was in twos!

Further affirmation of my symptoms.

Take note.

“Alright, now, I’m going to take some notes,” Dr. Daniel-Two-First-Names-John said, as he pulled out a notepad from his office drawer, and began scribbling, while I walked towards him in my Zara trousers, dishevelled weave, and strappy heels, feeling grateful that the Psychiatry Department had never once thought to strap me down as tightly as these new online-bought beauties.

When he stopped scribbling, he reached for a bottle of spring water, handed it to me, and asked me to tell him all the evidence I’d gathered about my symptoms, and how this alleged split personality disorder had cost me my job.

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