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  • What can I expect from love tarot readings?
    You can expect our exclusive TarotPass™ which provides ad-free tarot-watching on demand, all signs tarot, and exclusive long tarot readings dedicated to your sign specifically. Woot-woot! You can also expect that all love tarot readings on the site are self-serviced. This means that the site is simply a very small offshoot of broader brands, and a full staff cannot manage requests on here, unless there is a fault with the product, such as an incorrect upload (e.g. an Aries video uploaded instead of Taurus). In those extremely rare circumstances, we would correct the error and resume the product. However, if you purchase a product on the site, you understand that it is completely 100% self-serviced and no refunds can ever be issued for purchases that have already been made. We offer love tarot readings by our very best tarot reader and First Lady of Tarot, Ms. China Aiko!
  • Who is The Hot Nerd & is she the best tarot reader?
    The Hot Nerd is a spinoff all-signs-tarot, wellness, and spiritual brand by our very best tarot reader, China Aiko, who was born with deep (and sometimes startling, likely ancestral!) gifts of insight. After a while, speaking to friends on the phone and telling them to "remove their brass rings from the window sill because it was about rain where they were located," just became too freaky not to share with the world, hence the YouTube channel - Love Tarot by The Hot Nerd. China Aiko is a three-time Ivy Leaguer with a national television background as a trained journalist and a Hollywood script writer/producer, who once created a hit and still-popular women's magazine. Her executive background includes tech, wellness, business, and editorial advisory. She works with a team of others in The Hot Group to produce creative masterpieces that move the world. Check out her YouTube page for all signs tarot and love tarot readings.
  • Are tarot readings & psychic gifts "real" or related to "religion" or therapy?
    Here at Love Tarot by The Hot Nerd, we educate people to realize that: most things in life are constructed. Fom the very letters you see on this page to the paper that you call money, almost everything is a construct that takes a BELIEF muscle to work. You have to BELIEVE that printed paper can have enough value to buy you a vehicle or space ship and transport you to Mars on a luxury jet. If you don't believe that paper called "money" is valuable, then it'll just be paper. Most people who are not spiritually aware don't realize that the entire world depends on human ability to believe in things that are arbitrary and constructed. Those folks are not the right target audience for tarot. Tarot is all about tapping into your belief muscle and seeing if the stories you get from the prompts shown by the cards reflect your understanding of your world or circumstances. That's it. That's literally it. And, because of that definition, tarot is just about as useful for entertainment as any Netflix show you enjoy. Tarot is not ever meant to replace therapy, although it tends to attract people who need answers because they're hurting. Although the tarot cards on this site and channel are read with very deep sympathy and understanding, tarot is neither religion or science. It does not cure anything. It does not owe you anything. It does not promise you anything other than a story read from the cards--with which you may or may not resonate. Do not come to tarot looking for a miracle in a bottle. There's maybe commercially sold eye cream for that.
  • Why should I buy a TarotPass™?
    The TarotPass™ was created in order to sustain regular readings on the Love Tarot by The Hot Nerd channel on YouTube. Of course you can always jump, skip, hop around various other tarot channels for free, if you choose. But the TarotPass™ is a seamless, enjoyable, ad-free, experience that allows you to get high-quality tarot focused on just your sign for a long undisrupted period of time. Sounds great to us!
  • What is your refund policy?
    Our policy is that the site is 100% self-serviced. The Hot Nerd will provide our exclusive TarotPass™ that offers love tarot readings by the best tarot reader we know (*smoooch*), and customers can purchase any tarot products at their own will. No refunds can ever made for an already completed purchase.
  • Do you offer private tarot readings?
    A test program for private readings opened up and sold out before we could even promote it properly. Typically, The Hot Nerd will not accept any public users for private tarot readings, but seeing as it's constantly asked about, we may open up the program again in the future. Please note though that due to the nature of some actual, gifted, insighters who didn't start psychic endeavors because of commercial reasons, only a very small number of readings might ever be offered per month again--if at all. The practice is extremely intense. We do offer all signs tarot, as well as love tarot readings on this site as well as on
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