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Love Tarot Readings by The Best Tarot Reader | Romance Blog Pg. 3

Welcome back to a very juicy romance novel presented by the best tarot reader on YouTube and in the world, The Hot Nerd! Below is Page 3 of the love story--and there are 272 pages in total.

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And now for Page 3 of this juicy love and relationships reading:

“Yup,” I nodded.

“But I just saw you for anxiety on Monday,” he said. “Why didn’t you bring up this concern about a potential… split… personality disorder then?”

“Well, that’s what being split is, isn’t it?” I said. “It’s like you have no clue what your other personality is doing, so you don’t bring up its issues.”

I coughed quietly, then pulled out my phone and read the symptoms I found after Googling “Split Personality Disorder.”

“See?” I said. “Split personality, meaning: experiencing two or more separate personalities, each with their own self-identity and perceptions. So, like, my other personality must not have thought to bring itself up with you during our last visit. It does its own thing.”


“Loalise…” Dr. John started to say.

“Wait, everything is spinning…” I said, as I started to cry—wail, in fact. “I need a glass of water, and $147,000 after taxes, preferably.”

“Why?” Dr. John asked.

“Because!” I cried. “I lost my job, and my gym membership, probably…just everything!”

“Why?” he asked again.

“BECAUSE I’M SPLIT. Two! Split. Like tits?” I said.

I held up my tits.

“This disorder has taken EVERYTHING from me!” I continued. “My other personality did all this menacing stuff yesterday, and it cost me my job!”

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