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About the Tarot Director

Hi, I'm Aiko, tarot director at The Hot Nerd Tarot. I'm an infinite creator who's been psychically gifted since birth, but grew very strong in adulthood as a high-seer. In short, I'm a top-tier tarot expert. My tarot reflections are guided deliberately by my instincts: I direct the cards. They don't direct me. I pull from freakishly attune spiritual mastery that is likely centuries old.

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Getting a Reading from

My readings are potent, they're typically called BRUTALLY HONEST MESSAGES on YouTube. They're powerful, but amusing and fun, so if you've never had a tarot reading with me, you'll probably never--ever--experience anything as poignant. For a limited time, I'm keeping readings available, but soon they'll shutter, so jump on them while you can. Almost EVERYONE sends our office a message that says, "OMG, that was amazing," after getting a private tarot reading from The Hot Nerd Tarot.

My YouTube channel can be found at Tarot is for entertainment only.

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