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Love Tarot Readings by The Best Tarot Reader | Romance Blog Pg. 2

Welcome back to a very juicy romance novel presented by the best tarot reader on YouTube and in the world, The Hot Nerd! Below is Page 2 of the love story--and there are 272 pages in total.

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And now for Page 2 of this juicy love and relationships reading:

“I wish I were with you,” I muttered, as I looked up to find flashing lights on the ceiling following me.

Why the heck was I on a gurney—being rolled around the hospital? I wondered.

“Okay, please leave her with me,” Dr. John motioned to his assistant, as some other doctors looked on.

“Hey Loalise!” they called out as they walked by my swinging legs on the gurney and I attempted to enter Dr. John’s office.

“Back again, huh?” one of them shouted, and tossed a random teddy bear on my lap.

It was for my hospital-teddy-bear collection, he said.

Okay, like, how rude. It’s not like I’d been to Mission General Hospital that many times! I had only been here a few times this year. Or month. Or whatever.

“So, you’ve been here twice this week,” Dr. John declared, as I sat in his office. “What’s going on? Why were you rushed in by the ambulance this time around? Your intake form says you think you might have…”

“Split, yeah…” I began to help him.

“Split personality disorder?” Dr. John asked.

“Yup,” I said.

“So…you’ve been experiencing symptoms, and you found evidence of this split personality disorder at home, grew hysterical, suffered a severe anxiety attack as a result, threw your television out of the window…and somehow you landed you here in an ambulance after you called 911?” he asked.

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